As part of his company's continuing efforts to support "Green" initiatives, public awareness
of global warming and existing solutions, National Vapor Industries, Inc. (NVI) president, David Jewell,
attended the Green Institute for Village Empowerment (GIVE) symposium entitled "Investing in California's
Green Valley Economy." NVI is aggressively marketing its Hydrogen Generator as a means of
significantly reducing combustion engine pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuel.

Jewell was accompanied by California's Hydrogen Highway Czar, Gene Johnson and marketing expert,
Terry Rice. The three succeeded in making important contacts that will benefit NVI and the State of
California, by exposing Green Valley Initiative members to NVI's products - devices that have the
potential to make an important contribution to the State's enacted goal of reducing carbon-based
emmissions by 20 percent, as called for by AB 32.

Symposium speakers included GIVE chairman, Ali Sahabi, who presented the Green Valley
Video & Vision outlining the Green Valley Initiative and progress made during the initiative's
First Principles Forum held June 1, 2007. That meeting included 98 of Inland Southern California's
influential leaders gathered together in an effort focused on channelling today's greening challenges
into proposals for tomorrow's solutions.

The keynote address was given by California State Treasurer, Bill Lockyer, whose remarks included the
introduction of two major legislative measures designed to move the State into a greener future.
The first intitative calls for the passage of a $5 billion bond package that would be used to, "...expand use
of renewable energy, increase energy efficiency and spur innovation and cost-reduction in California’s
green technology industry."

Lockyer also said, "As a companion to this investment, I propose that the state operate a carbon credit
bank to make it a constructive force in any market-based system to reduce global warming emissions
under AB 32. Together these proposals would make California a leader in reducing greenhouse gas
emissions while providing an economic stimulus through the bonds, and at the same, support economic
justice through the carbon bank and other possible regulatory efforts."

Lockyer's remarks and proposals were well received by symposium members who will reconvene
September 13 to hear keynote speaker, S. David Freeman, President, Los Angeles Harbor Commission
and former California Energy Czar. Freeman will introduce his new book, "Winning Our Energy
Independence: An Insider Shows How."

An NVI group, including president Jewell, will attend the September meeting in an effort designed to
interest the Harbor Commission in NVI's Hydrogen Generator trucking technology that could dramatically
and favorably impact the huge air pollution problems currently confronting the Port of Los Angeles and
other ports in California and across the nation.
Problems that could be ameliorated by using NVI's Hydrogen Generator technology.

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